July 2015 - A Call To Spiritual Awakening

Is there hope for America?
Are you ready for a personal revival?
Are you ready for Christ's return?
Why is it important to have a soft heart?
Learn how you can once again become spiritually on fire.
What part has prayer played in revivals of the past?

Will God Send Revival To America?

Will God save America? Has the United States strayed too far?

What Is Revival And Are We Ready For It?

Are you ready for God to start a personal revival in your life?

Preparing For The Return Of Christ

Are you ready for the return of Christ? Find out what it takes to be ready for Jesus to come back.

Softening A Hardened Heart

God is calling us to soften our hearts in order to see revival. Learn how to have a tender heart before the Lord.

How To Light The Spiritual Fire In Your Life

Is your spiritual life feeling cold? Learn how you can light the fire once again and be spiritually on fire for Jesus

The Role Of Prayer In Revival

In his lifetime, J. Edwin Orr was known as the world’s premier expert on revivals and awakenings. In this video clip he links together the historic relationship between revival and prayer. It’s informative and inspirational—and will encourage you to begin to cry out to God to do it again!

I Am A Conscientious Objector To Same Sex Marriage

Pastor Duke Taber shares why the recent Supreme Court decision concerning same sex marriage has forced him to become a conscientious objector.

Did Jesus Address Same Sex Marriage?

Was Jesus silent about same sex marriage? Find out if He really did address the issue in His teachings.

Returning To Your First Love

The love of many is waxing cold. The church has no longer in love with Jesus. How can we return to our first love?

Christian Quotes About Revival

Here is a great list of quotes on revival in the church and in a nation.

Bible Verses About Revival

Here are 11 great Bible verses about revival for you to meditate on as you seek God for personal revival and national revival.

Featured Testimony: Coming Out Of Same Sex Attraction

Audra endured childhood abuse and grew to hate being a girl. When she turned to other women to find love and acceptance, one special woman’s kind gesture instead showed her the love of God.

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